Thursday, June 5, 2014

Time to toss the old author photo - eek!

Sheepishly presented by Mary Jane Maffini aka Victoria Abbott

It’s that time that all authors seem to dread.  Well, those of us past the first flush of youth do.  I speak of that iffiest of images: the author photo.  We need our photos. They are our introduction to you, our readers. They need to look like us, only better.  However, if they look too much better, we then seem ridiculous.  You see the problem? 

Makes me want to pull a balaclava over my head.  It would solve the wrinkle problem.

I find that photos either make me look either much better or much worse than the real me. Naturally, I prefer the better version.  I also like a “sort of” natural look (except for my blue nails and my prematurely blonde hair). Ever since the time I had professional photos taken and the photographer airbrushed out every wrinkle and one of my ears, I’ve asked my daughter, Victoria, to take my pix. She has let me keep my ears and some of the wrinkles. Sweet girl.

Where was I? Oh yes, after five years, I desperately need that new photo.  You see, I have a new hairstyle since the last one, I’ve also lost a bit of weight, and I have been found by a few more wrinkles.  Apparently, I look quite different. 

I sat across from our own Maggie Sefton at dinner at a recent conference and I had to introduce myself. 

She said it was the hair.  But could it have been that old photo?
Okay then.  

So those are my two choices.  Victoria did a good job with soft light, a filter and a bit of magic. The balaclava covers a multitude of flaws and you didn't get to see the rejects.  Would you like to vote on the one you think I should use? And yes, none of the above is an acceptable answer. By the way, Victoria and I also had a great time taking our new shots as Victoria Abbott - our pen name for our collaboration on the book collector mysteries.  We hope to share those with you as we prepare for the release of The Wolfe Widow.

Have fun and pick one. If my feelings are hurt, I’ll just have a martini.  Surely, it will be five o’clock somewhere. Maybe we’ll get a shot of that.
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