Thursday, June 12, 2014

The weed wars! Who's winning?

A few weeks ago, I showed pix of spring flowers and asked about your gardens. Surprisingly, many of you here (and on Facebook too) wanted to talk about weeds. 

I can hide in the daylilies! Maybe take over soon.
Well, I can talk about those too.  After attending a conference and getting a bit behind, this morning I woke up to hear them plotting on the lawn.  I think this captures some of that rabble rousing I heard from my window.

I can grow in rocks!
                The dandylions bellowed, “Hey, let’s take over that bed there. We’re an army. We can do it. We’ve done it before on other properties. We are dandy! See our spores!”

Our spores are everywhere on this street! Yippee!
                “The roses!  I want to squeeze out the roses. Never liked those uppity snobs,” the creeping Charlie muttered creepily.
                “We’re not really weeds, you know.” That from the sweet voice of the violets. Make that many, many voices of many, many violets. “We’re flowers. We just have a lot of energy and like to move around.”

We're violets! Not weeds, just ambitious!
                “We’re not weeds either. Lily of the valley is used for perfume. Invasive is such a nasty word. We prefer assertive or ambitious and also beautifully scented.”
                “Come on over here, guys. It’s really hard to reach on the edge of the rock garden. Anyone trying to yank us out will probably snap an ankle. Heeheehehee. And we’ve got deep roots.”

Go ahead. Make our day.
                “We’re not going down without taking them with us. We’re stinging nettles and we know how to fight back.” 

Go ahead! Try to pull us out without getting strung.
                 All to the swelling sounds of a stirring but unknown anthem (say La Bandiera Rosa meets The Marseillaise):  “To the barricades! Stamp out gardeners!”  
                Okay, my friends. You see what I’m up against? So let’s hear it: what garden battles are you fighting?

I can grow in bark. Just try and stop me.

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