Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Lists

by Leann

As we tentatively prepare to move out of the 60's Motel from Hell aka rent house, I am making lists of what I cannot wait to do and what I won't miss. Let's start with what I won't miss:

1. The dogs who bark all night. ALL NIGHT. EVERY NIGHT.

2. Going right along with that--the dogs who roam the streets in this neighborhood, or take a nap in the street or just run at you when you are headed for the mail box. I have a dog of my own, whom I adore. She doesn't bark all night and she doesn't roam the street. It's not hard to do if you TRAIN them. Not a priority here.

3. The dust. I have never seen so much dust in my life. This house is old--
built in the 60s and has never been renovated to any degree. The stove and the oven are original. They are gross. I am not the greatest housekeeper on the planet but this dust is unbelievable. I could dust all day everyday and start again tomorrow.

4. The smell. Musty, dirty and just plain awful. I will have to throw out clothes, I am sure, because I know the smell clings to them.

Okay, enough. I could go on but the positives are so much more important and I will appreciate them so much more after this living experience.

1. The beautiful, peaceful lake.

2. A home where we have chosen everything and is fresh and clean.

3. The upgraded HVAC system to help with my asthma and allergies. We had an electrostatic prepcipitator added.

4. My own bed. We have had to use the queen size guest bed and my back has suffered.

5. The box of socks I haven't seen in two years. Funny how you can miss something as simple as a pair of socks.

6. Cooking again. I love to bake and cook and this will be my first experience with a gas range. I am SO excited as I love to bake and cook. (Yes, that is my actual new range!

7. A quiet spot to read and write. It is never quiet in this neighborhood. If people aren't shooting off their guns (yes, THAT happens) then motorcycles and other loud vehicles are barreling down the street.

Yes. Paradise truly awaits us!

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