Monday, June 23, 2014


By Kate Collins

Ta da! Here it is!!! The long-awaited cover of my next mystery,  A ROOT AWAKENING, #16 in the Flower Shop Mystery series.  Isn’t it eye-catching? I love the colors – turquoise is one of my favorites -- and the way Abby’s little rescue mutt Seedy is gazing up at the tilted ladder leaning against the old Victorian. (Could that be a clue?)

But let me tell you, it didn’t start out eye-catching. In fact, it was, well -- how shall I put it – not so good on its first pass. It had me scratching my head and wondering, what the art department was thinking. They usually do a wonderful job. I’ve always liked the stylized design and the arch that separates the title from the picture. The Flower Shop Mysteries have a unique look that makes them easy to identify.

The problems with the cover on the first attempt were that the background colors were identical to one of my more recent books, and clashed with the first color of the house. And Abby’s outfit, well, trust me, her cousin Jillian, the wardrobe consultant, would’ve shuddered. No, make that she wouldn’t have let her leave the apartment.  See the initials on Abby’s bag? (Abigail Christine Knight Salvare = ACKS). Magnify them ten times. That’s how gigantic they were. (However, that might have actually passed Jillian’s inspection.)

I won’t even go into the dog’s body. If you remember, the last book had Seedy with four legs, and she has just three. But I explained that OOPS moment in my last newsletter. (If you haven’t signed up for it, go to my website, and do it now before you forget. I send a newsletter only before a new book, and it always has fun stuff inside.

But a good tweaking was all it took to make this cover a stand-out. And wait till you read the mystery inside. I promise a roller-coaster of a story that will have you hanging onto the sides with white knuckles. But don’t get white-knuckled yet. The book will be out February 3, 2015, and your hands will hurt.

All writers know how important it is to have a catchy cover. The wrong colors, the wrong “look” can kill sales. This is why we work with our editors and the art department to make them right.

Do you like this cover? If you have the other books in the series (the actual paperbacks), which is your favorite?

Have a happy week.
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