Monday, June 16, 2014


by Kate Collins

Mind blown. Seriously.  The baby names all of you contest entrants devised simply blew me away. They were collectively creative, hip, elegant, lovely, melodic, significant, funny . . . shall I go on?

Can I say how artistic you are? You took the requirements and ran with them. You did such a good job that I poured over them for an hour trying to winnow the list down to thirty! From there, I agonized until I had ten. Oh, the pain! I had to eliminate any name with Rose in it because of the new character I'm introducing in the next book.  Also, I eliminated the Graces because Jillian probably wouldn't name her baby after Grace Bingham.

And then I had to narrow them down further. ACK! In collaboration with my son, who is also my web designer, contest manager, creative consultant and grand master at plotting, we compared notes and came up with a final SIX.

Yes, 6. Because I just couldn't -- no, make that wouldn't -- slash them down more than that. I'm leaving that task to YOU! And I'll abide by whatever the majority chooses.

All I ask is that you click on the button at the bottom to enter your favorite name from the list below.  Keep in mind that Jillian is a snob, loves fashion and anything trendy, relies on Abby a lot, and is mindful of initials, which are joked about in the Knight family.

Here is the list of 6, with explanations of why they work for us:

1.  Magnifique Abigail Osborne 
         (Can't you hear Jillian telling Abby, "I named her Magnifique after moi, and Abigail after you.")

2.  Harper Abigail Lynne Osborne
         (With initials of HALO, she'd be Jillian's little angel)

3.  Zoey Ocean Osborne   ZOO
          (Zoey is very au currant, and Ocean falls in with some of Jillian's earlier choices of Rain, Snow, and Park)

4.  Chloe Ophelia Chanel Osborne     COCO
         (Chock full of designer references, brings in Jillian's middle name, and is very Francais)

5.  Zuzu Osborne
         (Who doesn't love Zuzu from ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE? Plus, I get to pick the middle name,       which would probably be Petal. Zuzu's petals, get it?)

6.  Kaily Irene Knight Osborne  KIKO
         (Kaily means little rosebud, which would be a tribute to Abby, plus it's tres feminine, as well as Irish, which the Knights are.)

There you have it! Pick your favorite, click on the button below,  and VOTE!

But please vote today because I will tally them at the end of TODAY, Monday June 16th, and announce the winner and her winning NAME here, on my Facebook pages, and on Twitter. If your name is chosen, I'll email you first thing Tuesday morning and post the announcement all over the Internet.

Good luck!

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roseygirl said...

2. Harper Abigail Lynne Osborne It just sounds Perfect :)

Nancy said...

I like Zoey!

Unknown said...

I have always thought "Zuzu's Petals" would be a great name for a cozy florist's shop!

Unknown said...

Personally, I've always had a penchant for Violet myself but I like Chloe.

Heather said...

I'm pretty sure Abby, being the voice of reason, would veto the first choice with the initials of MAO, as in Chairman Mao of the communist party. ;-)

Kaye Killgore said...

I love Harper Abigail Lynne Osborne (my middle name is Lynn LOL)

Suzanne said...

Zuzu's Petals is also the name of a knitting pattern that I want to knit.

kmg said...

I like Kaily.

Anonymous said...

I vote for ZuZu!

Kathy W. said...

I vote for Zoey!

Unknown said...

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