Sunday, June 29, 2014

Red Retail Therapy

by Leann

To say I am a little down because we will be paying yet another month's rent would be a huge understatement. The house is still not finished thanks to ... been there, you don't need to hear it again. I don't sleep well as it is but now I awaken at least 5 times each night. Yes, I am a tad depressed.

So, I figured a little retail therapy might help and I thought I'd share with all of you the wonderful accents I've bought for the future when we do move in. Red is my favorite color, always has been, and so my island legs and cabinet, my built in corner cabinet, my front door and the door to the basement are all a lovely shade of deep red.

The first thing I bought (a good while ago) to sit on my counter were stoneware canisters. We have the perfect spot for them and they look exactly like this.

But this week, when everything at the new place was going to hell in a handbasket, I got very busy online shopping. Since the rent house smells so awful, I know we will need a new quilt for our bed. I do not want to take that smell with me. The first quilt I bought was from Wayfair, but unfortunately it was not as advertised on their site. I can only have 100% cotton due to my allergies and the lining had polyester in it. But, I love Wayfair. They sent a return label and immediately corrected the description on their webpage. So, I ended up with this gem and it will be perfect--and sorry for the blurry image but it's the best pic I could get.

Next, I started cruising EBay and found exactly what I wanted. I once had a Le Creuset Dutch oven that was flawed. I got it for a bargain price. But that flaw proved fatal after a few years. There is nothing I have used that cooks like Le Creuset. I bought an imitation when mine died and it was not the same. So, I now have this beauty. Brand new, no flaws and I cannot wait to use it.

Today was a sale on another favorite brand of mine--Fiestaware. All my plates and bowls are various colors of Fiestaware. I love them. But a new color arrived since the last time I bought any dishes--scarlet! Since there was a sale and I had a coupon for another 20% off, I bought mugs and bowls in scarlet and also a couple mugs in ivory.

For now, the knots in my stomach at this seemingly endless wait to move have eased a little. How about you? Does retail therapy help? Tell me what makes you feel better when you have absolutely no control over outcomes.

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