Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Movie Time

by Maggie Sefton

I figured I hadn't posted about movies in a while, so I thought I'd catch up with some
of the recent movies I've caught.  I know I'm skipping over a bunch of films, so apologies if I only include the more recent ones.

DIVERGENT----I enjoyed it and book, but my favorite is still---hands down---HUNGER GAMES.  Far superior storyline throughout first two movies of HUNGER GAMES, and the preview for the last in the trilogy just whets your appetite.  The expression on heroine's face at the end brought back the marvelous threat of character Wyatt Earp in TOMBSONE when he was shouting his response to the savagery of the Bad Guys:  "I'm coming back, and Hell's coming with me!!"   Oh, yeah.  And Wyatt delivered, too.  :)   Hey----you guys know I'm an Action-Adventure girl.

DRAFT DAY---I like Kevin Costner and I also liked the set up.  New coach of a losing Cleveland football team has been snookered into given up 1st three round future draft choices for next 3 years.  All for the promise of this young new recruit who supposedly the greatest.  Or, is he?  Old pro coach smells problems and tries to find a way out of the box he's in.  All under a ticking clock pressure.  How the coach manages to outsmart the schemer other coach and get the players he really wants is a masterful exercise in strategy----and guts.   If you can even tolerate football, you'd enjoy this.  No games.  It's all about people and people problems.  Anyone who likes tactics would also enjoy.

AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2---Enjoyable.  Great special effects.  I really like this new Spiderman.  Very human and a good actor.  Also a better sense of humor.  

EDGE OF TOMORROW----Hey, I love futuristic stories and action adventure.  :)  Delivers on that.

CHEF-----My Number 1 Choice for Best Movie in months.  This little movie is great.  A talented Los Angeles chef is fired by his tyrannical restaurant owner boss for daring to deviate from owner's BORING menu.  Chef is fantastic cook.  Everything he cooks is fantastic, and he LOVES to try new things.  Fired and wonderfing how he'll make ends meet, another restaurant sub chef friend joins Chef in getting a Food Truck, cleaning the wreck up, then starting on a cross country tour from Miami thru New Orleans and Austin TX back to Los Angeles.  What you witness is how this talented guy manages to reunite his divorced family and actually form a strong bond with his young son in the process of becoming the Fantastic Food Truck Chef is a pure delight to watch.  It's funny and touching and the acting is great.  The little 10 yr old boy who plays his son is the best child actor I've seen years!!  No lie.  So natural he grabs your heart.  And the young son manages to provide the spark that makes the Chef into a Traveling Star instead of just a traveling chef.  Son is a Twitter genius and constantly tweets where truck is going and what Chef is cooking, all along the country.  There are tons of people already lined up and waiting for Chef to pull in by the time they get to Austin, TX.  :)   So he rolls into LA, having become a real father to his son and also getting his family all back together.  A real winner.  You will enjoy it.  Catch at your local cineplex.  :)  Main roles are newcomers to me, but scores of BIG actors make appearances throughout the movie.  Enjoy!

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