Monday, June 30, 2014


By Kate Collins

Hair was the theme of the July issue of MORE magazine, and in a bold experiment, the editors asked several writers to let their natural body hair grow out over several weeks' time. In other words, no shaving, no plucking!  The results were interesting. They had to deal with their own egos, their fear of judgment of others, trying to ignore stares, and their surprising sense of freedom.

I attempted to imagine myself going for a month without denuding. After serious contemplation – lasting all of ten seconds – I gave a hard shudder and said, “No way,” to my reflection in the mirror. And then I plucked those little spears that grow underneath my chin with a vengeance. I refused to even contemplate wearing a bathing suit in public without a thorough shave. Ew.

Once while on a vacation, I was without a magnifying mirror and so did not see a couple of those chinny-chin-chinners. When I got home, I was horrified to think of how people must have focused on two of those ½ long black mutants waving like a flag in the breeze instead of on whatever I was saying.  And why is it those stubborn hairs grow faster than the speed of sound? Would a bad cut grow that fast? No-o-o-o!

Many years ago I stayed with friends in Germany for a month in the summer. They took me to a public pool where I was horrified by the bushes under the womens’ arms and the long curly hair on their legs. (They were equally horrified by my taking up valuable time to shave in their only bathroom.)

And my dear stepmom, who is 87, either doesn’t see or doesn’t care that she has a small garden on her upper lip and chin, some an inch long. And when we meet for lunch, I find myself wanting to grab a pair of tweezers and finish them off. Now what was she saying? Sorry. Couldn’t focus. Shallow of me, I know.

Where do you stand on the shaving issue? Does your (or anyone else’s) body hair annoy you? Have you gone to great lengths or no lengths at all to rid yourself of them? If you have a hubby or kids and decide not to shave, what would his/their reactions be?

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