Monday, May 19, 2014

Which Type of Cook Are You -- A, B, C, or D?

by Kate Collins

I know people who love nothing more than spending hours in the kitchen cooking gourmet meals. They will go to great lengths to produce meals worthy of the Iron Chef prize.

And then I know people who don't know how to turn on their ovens.

I'm an in betweener. I can cook and bake well, and when I do, I'm proud of it. I just don't enjoy it.

Actually, what I dislike about it is the cleanup. If I had someone to come in behind me and take care of the mess, I would spend more time creating wonderful meals.

When my kids were home and my husband was alive, I cooked a lot. Now not so much, and when I do, I make a huge pot of it and freeze a bunch of little meals.

So, in honor of the cookbook that the other Cozy Chicks and I put together -- our newly revised edition with brand new recipes in it -- I'm doing a survey.

What kind of cook are you:

A: I love to cook and will spend hours creating a gourmet meal.

B. I cook well but don't really enjoy it.

C. I would rather eat out than spend time in my kitchen.

D. I'm not a good cook at all but my family tolerates me.

I'll be interested in the results. I have a hunch most people will fall in the B range, but I may be surprised.

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