Sunday, May 18, 2014

Welcome to our Pet Party!

Welcome to the party! 

I love being part of the Cozy Chicks.  Since late last year when I joined, I have found friendship, collegiality, wisdom and fun with my smart and talented cozy sisters. 

They may murder on the page but they are wonderfully kind in their relationships.  So Daisy and Lily, my miniature dachshunds, would like to invite you to our pet party. Peachtree (Victoria's pug) will be along later.  Come in and meet everyone.  Don't forget to check out the swag announcement at the end of the blog.

This week we're whooping it up celebrating the second edition of the Cozy Chicks Kitchen  and the launch of our zazzle store.

I thought a great way to celebrate would be to introduce you to our pets.  Without further ado, here are the rulers of our Cozy Chicks home.  It was so hard to pick which adorable pet to start with that I drew names out of a hat!

Here at Lorraine's home (or the Bartlett Spa) the 'residents' are catching up on much needed rest under their own sunlamp. 

They all have beds under a lamp with a 200 watt light bulb and they spend the days (winter & summer) under there toasty warm.  They are from left to right to center, Fred, Chester, and Betsy.  I think I know who's in charge around there.  Room service too, I bet.


Maggie invited us to the vet's office with her. You can see who owns this pooch, but how funny is this picture?  Dogs and vets, always tricky to pull off.. 

Katy is Black short-hair Border Collie in Maggie's arms and below is Max, the Blue Tick
Coon Hound/Black Lab mix  

Max sitting on the part of his anatomy that's
most at risk in vet's office.  See that innocent expression?  He's hoping
they won't notice him.   

We never forget our beloved pets and we thank Kate Collins for sharing this photo of her much-loved calico cat Cali who passed away two years ago at fourteen.  She was gorgeous (as is Kate).  She was born to luxuriate on that carpet too. What a glamor-puss!  She showed up at Kate's door starving and abandoned, and then look how life turned out. 

Here's Leann's Rosie, the super smart, super hyper mini-labradoodle (named for Leann's first series).  I like that mysterious glow.  Hope someday to give Rosie a pat or two.

Leann also has  scaredy cat silver tabby ragdoll Wexford (for Ruth Rendell's police detective), Marlowe a sealpoint ragdoll sweetheart who has epilepsy (named for Philip Marlowe). As many of you know, Marlowe was very ill. Leann was sick with worry and we all worried with her, but Wexford was there for him too.

Deb says there was a time when the kids were growing up that she had 12 sled dogs, 2 border collies, and 2 cats, all at the same time. This is Lightning, the last of that happy bunch, who passed away last year, but had a wonderful summer in the sun first.

Here are Ellery's babies: Finnegan, Jasper P. Jenkins, Sherlock Holmes, and Doctor Watson. All males. All rescues. You may see some of their antics over at her Facebook page from time to time!  I notice that Sherlock and Dr. Watson are guard cats with a mirror to expand their view. Nice work if you can get it, guys.


 Speaking of cats, our Mary Kennedy has eight!  Here's Oliver GoodCat, who was abandoned but landed on his feet at Mary's.    She also has FurFace, Eliza, Calpurnia, Clyde, Henry, Oscar and Shadow.  Below is lovely 'shy Calpurnia'.  Isn't she pretty?  And three others in their kitten days. Aren't they adorable? Every blog needs a kitten or three.


Must you go?  We loved having you here.  And Peachtree the Pug (who looks a lot like Walter in the Victoria Abbott books ) has just arrived in her tutu.

Don't you feel all warm and furry now? Don't forget to put your name in for the giveaway draw. All you have to do is email us at


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