Thursday, May 22, 2014

Seven FREE ways to fight stress

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit of stress.  It can have lots of causes: worrying about loved ones and health issues can take a toll. But mostly it’s time pressures, deadlines and technology misfires that set me off like a Roman candle. In fact, you may have seen me shooting through the air over your house.

So, I’m thinking about how to handle that.  Trying to keep in mind what brings me back to earth and calm again.  

I have some surefire fixes if I can remember to draw on them in time. 

The first one is to take a walk. I’m not keen on exercising but even a short stroll sure calms me down and works wonders. An amble through the neighborhood or the dog park is a great remedy.  In the heat of the moment, I can tell myself I don’t have time and that’s, in fact, why I’m stressed. But years of experience have taught me that any time I invest in exercise comes back with a bonus. and you never know who you'll meet.

Tommy and Tuppence live in the neighborhood.

A cup of tea and a chat with a friend can make all the difference.  It’s so much better to pick up the phone or knock on my friend’s door than to have that meltdown.  

This spring, I’ve taken great joy in everything that’s popped out of the garden, even if the lawn is still a disaster and the weeds are putting up a good fight.  I got this little clump of iris for fifty cents at the end of the seaon last year, and they've just repaid me big time!

A great investment

Knitting Maybe it’s the soothing repetitive patterns, but crafts like knitting are great relaxers and
you get something lovely at the end (unless of course, the arms are two different lengths, but that would be the subject of another post).

 Stealing a half hour to curl up a good book. Reading, like exercise, takes me away from my stress place. At least in real life I’m not tripping over bodies!

Twenty minutes is an ideal time to refocus and recharge with a nap. This is easier if the roof is not being reshingled, but that’s not all the time.

A cuddle with the princess dachshunds.  Pets are better than medicine IMHO.  There’s lots of evidence that stroking an animal’s fur can actually lower blood pressure.  

All these things are easy and available to me. Except for buying yarn, they’re free. Of course, I’ve got enough yarn for a lifetime. Ahem.

But I’m always looking for tips for de-stressing. 

How about it?  What do you do to deal with stress? Different strokes for different folks, as they say. I’ll check in after my walk and find out your tricks.

Happy de-stressing everyone!
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