Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Season's Over

by Maggie Sefton

Now's the time of year when television shows say "So long" to their audiences
and disappear from the small screen until the following Fall------or, in some cases, next January or February.  And---in true dramatic fashion---they leave in the midst of an unpected event or a surprise twist in the plot.  We novelists understand why the TV writers do that.  It's successful.  It keeps viewers talking and wondering about the characters and storyline throughout the hiatus.  However, as an audience member who has a few dramatic and/or suspense series, it's hard to wait.  Remember how shocking it was when last year's 2013's last episode of DOWNTON ABBEY concluded.  Shock.  "Oh, no!  Not. . . . "

On Monday night, one of my new favorites, THE BLACKLIST, signed off after several surprising plot turns------and a very Bad Guy who escaped and is out there with murder on his mind.   PERSON OF INTEREST has a season finale tonight, Tuesday, and it's hard to imagine what new surprises J.J. Abrams has up his writer's sleeve.  This storyline has surprise and plot twists woven throughout as a regular feature.   ELEMENTARY has had several surprises during this season, keeping audiences guessing.   And now-----Jack's Back.  Jack Bauer from the popular series  24 has returned with a new adventure.  So, we have someone else to worry about.  :)

You'll notice I'm particularly drawn to the action adventure series, but not exclusively.  DOWNTOWN ABBEY is a fantastic historical family drama.  And so is the new Masterpiece Classic offering,
MR. SELFRIDGE.  Both set in England after the turn of the 20th Century.   Also, the convoluted plotline of REVENGE keeps surprising audiences with plot twists.  Of course, some of the newer shows that appeared in the "off season" may return to intrigue us.  One I liked was ALMOST HUMAN, a sci-fi, futuristic adventure.

Those are some of my favorites, now what about you folks?  Which series or programs captured your interest this season?    
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