Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Take On Mother's Day

by Leann

Not everyone wins the "mom lottery." My brother and sister and I did not. So, I tried my best to be the mother to my kids that I never had. If their success as adults is any reflection of the job I hoped to do, then I succeeded. For me, Mother's Day is about feeling good about the responsible, kind and generous people they are--and the two other kids I gained when they both married. I am celebrating them today with a picture album blog of the East Coast kids (NYC) and the West Coast kids (Seattle)!

My son is a wonderful dad and here he is leaving for his first father-daughter dance with the eldest granddaughter.

My daughter just gave two performances this week and here she is working her craft as a dancer and performance artist. She's on the right.

My daughter-in-law gave birth to 3 beautiful girls and I hope she is having an awesome Mother's Day herself. Love those beautiful grandkids!

My son-in-law can make me laugh in a heartbeat and here he is with the fur-grandbaby Simone. Adore them both!

And here's pictures of just how much they care for each other in their relationships. I am a proud Mom today.
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