Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day Wrap with a Little Meow

by Kate Collins, writing on Sunday p.m.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Mothers Day weekend. In my house, the "relaxing" day my daughter had planned for us was washed out when she arrived here from Chicago and half an hour later, her tire went flat! Talk about timing. I thank God it didn't happen when she was on the highway coming here or on her way home in the dark.

My son came in from Indianapolis Saturday, bringing with him his 2 year old cat Ramses, a delightful little guy who was formerly living in a barn. What a large, sweet personality for a little cat. He has the loudest purr I've ever heard -- and I've owned many cats. I've posted a few photos of him. The second one is why I tell my son to trim his claws! AACK.

All is well now. Three of four tires have been replaced (God bless Walmart Tire Center for being open on Mothers Day), food is on the grill, and finally we'll have a chance to relax for a while.

But not for long. Big things are happening this week. Watch for it on my Facebook page.the Cozy Chicks Facebook page, or any of the Cozy Chicks' pages. You're going to love what's coming!

And stay tuned for news from me the following week.

I'm so excited!

Did you have a good weekend?


Aurian said...

I had a great weekend! I threw my book buying ban out of the window, went to a bookfair with two good friends, and bought 34 new books for € 78,00. That sure makes me happy again.

Kate Collins said...

OMG, Aurian! THIRTY FOUR books! You are set, my dear. I'd be happy, too.

Kate Collins said...

Further note: our relaxing dinner was interrupted by a huge, severe storm that knocked out our power. But all's well that ends well, and both of my children arrived safely at their homes late last night.

Mary Jane Maffini said...

I am glad your day was salvaged in the end. Family, cats and new tires, what's not to love?