Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Growing Tomatoes

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed
I'm getting ready to plant my garden here in southeastern Wisconsin, and as always, tomatoes play a starring role in the plot plan.

Selecting my tiny plantings got me thinking. What would we do without tomatoes? Without ketchup, salsa, pizza sauce, Campbell’s tomato soup? I can't even imagine it!

(trivia warning) Did you know they originated in the Andes, growing wild in South America? And all this time, I was crediting the Italians!

Growing up, my grandmother picked them juicy ripe in the garden and we dipped them in a bowl of sugar. I say yum, you probably say ick.

Anyway, the first photo is a Mr. Stripey heirloom. The second is a Jet Star. Two new kinds I'm trying this year.

You might say to-mah-toe and I might say to-may-toe, but we all agree that they add flavor to our lives no matter the pronunciation.

What’s your favorite tomato? And what food would you miss most without them?
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