Friday, May 9, 2014

Far TOO Many Magazines

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

I love to get my favorite magazines in the mail. (Victoria, Teatime, Cottage Journal, Celebrate, Romantic Homes, English Homes, Discover Britain, Country Living, This Old House, Midwest Living, HGTV Magazine, Food Network Magazine...there may be more. That's all I came up with off the top of my head.)

I look forward to reading them. Some I've kept for years.  (I love the old editions of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion before it became just another ho-hum style magazine and I let my subscription go.) I probably have at least 100 Christmas editions of various magazines that I start hauling out in November to enjoy once again. But lately the piles have gotten out of hand.  It's time to purge.

I hate throwing away useful things, but luckily I've found a way to rehome (at least for a while) my magazines. My sister-in-law isn't a big reader but she has friends who are. So she not only recycles my magazines by taking them into work to share with her friends, but takes any books (and so far not many) I can bear to part with.

I estimate she's taken more than 100 of my outdated magazines into work to share during the past few weeks, but the piles don't seem to have gone down much. My goal is to go through all of them before the end of the summer and tear out stuff that appeals to me and let the rest go to new (and probably temporary) homes. I'm rather surprised that most of them go without me tearing out a single page. So, by the end of the summer, I hope I'll be cured of my magazine hoarding (except for those Christmas issues).  There are still many hours of pleasure to be derived from them before they go.

Is there anything you've found hard to part with?

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