Thursday, May 8, 2014

Brave little flowers get my vote

Happy Thursday, everyone.  Glad to see you here.  Make sure you check the bottom of the post for a reminder from the Chicks! 

I enjoyed Maggie’s pictures taken at Malice Domestic with the wonderful flowering trees and plants in the area around Washington. Certainly that’s one of the bonuses of the Malice Domestic Conference.  In April, I’m jealous. After our brutal Ontario winter, spring comes slowly. Then in early May we start to get some action.  It’s still cold in the nights and any flowers we get are brave and hardly little souls.  I’d like to salute them today.   They've been poking their heads out of the cold dark earth, seeking a little sun.  Hmmm. Much like a writer after a rough deadline.

They are like a visit from a friend! 

Surely the bravest are the little pansies we buy in the grocery store and place outside. I was still wearing my jacket, boots and gloves when I stuck them in that pot, so they bring hope as well as color.   The little violets arrive all on their own.  Some people think of them as weeds, but they're dear to my heart.

Ontario's official flower is the trillium. It hides in shady woods. I found clumps like these behind the trees in the back yard. 

 These are called squill  or scilla.  I've never met anyone who planted them, yet every year in May, there they are, giving a dash of bright blue in my front and back yard.

The daffs are cheering up everyone.  I tried to capture this little bumblebee having a snack inside one.  He seemed to find me annoying so I left him and them in peace.

Finally a couple of early tulips. We are crazy about tulips around here. Ottawa has an amazing Tulip Festival.  I hope to have some  shots for you.  

 Come on over and tell me what's happening in your garden or park or flower boxes. 
  Speaking of lovely things! How about this below?


Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

These are gorgeous photos, MJ. Love the flowers! I know what you mean about the pansies, each year we plant them, hoping there won't be a final frost that will take them out. Love the little wildflowers, too. We have violets in the backyard that appear--eventually. It's been a brutal winter in the northeast (maybe not brutal by Ontario standards ) and spring is creeping in slowly.

Leann Sweeney said...

I love the flowers, MJ! Having grown up not far from you they look vaguely familiar. The plants and flowers in the south are so different. I have such a brown thumb, but my sister picked up the green thumb. We will face landscaping in the near future and this will probably be the hardest part--deciding what to plant. I am clueless! The one thing I miss that will not grow down here are lilacs. I MISS them!

Karen in Ohio said...

Mary Jane, you can have my violets. I don't mind them in the yard, but they get crazy in my flower beds.

Came home from Malice (finally, since I combined the conference with a visit to my daughter in Arlington) last night, eager to see what is blooming. Loads of fragrant lilies of the valley, bleeding heart, and iris ready to pop open any day. My scilla (which I did plant) were finished before I left nine days ago. Blue flowers are my favorites.

Mary Jane Maffini said...

I love lilacs, Leann. I would miss them terribly. I even miss the ones we leave every time we move. But you will have some fabulous planting opportunities (even if someone else makes the decisions and lets their thumbs do the work. That sounds quite luxurious. Make the most of it.


Mary Jane Maffini said...

Wow, Karen! You are way ahead of us. Our lilies of the valley are just starting. No sign of iris activity and the bleeding heart is just a twinkle in my eye.

I love blue too. Can't wait for those iris.

Many hugs!


Mary Jane Maffini said...

Thanks so much, Mary! I love it when spring comes creeping. I want to slow it down.

I'm not sure what your climate is like, but we were all embattled this year.



Aurian said...

I love violets very much, but the early spring flowers were in March here in Holland. We had basically no winter this year. It also means that everything I planted in my garden has survived and that means I have no excuse at all to go to the garden center and buy new kinds. I do miss that, but I don't have the space to put them in, as I won't kill living plants just to have new ones.
It is growing so hard everything, especially with the amount of rain this week. My "passiebloem" is almost flowering now, the buds are big and that plant is taking over all the walls around the garden.