Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A New Kelly Flynn Mystery Coming Out Soon!

by Maggie Sefton

Exciting News!   Kelly Flynn #13 is coming out June 2nd!   YARN OVER MURDER.  Can you believe it is the thirteenth in the series?  I'm overwhelmed.  And I have you readers to thank.  It's been your doing from the beginning in June 2005 with KNIT ONE, KILL TWO.  Thank you, thank you, Everyone.  :)

YARN OVER MURDER is a little different in that it follows the actual events in the High Park Wildfire which roared through canyons in northwestern Colorado in June 2012.  I saved all the newspapers from those dramatic two and a half weeks so that I could add accurate firefighting details and wildfire updates in each chapter of the mystery.  And, of course-----a dead body shows up.  Don't they always?     

YARN OVER MURDER picks up exactly where CLOSE KNIT KILLER left off.  Kelly is driving Steve's truck out of the canyon coming from Estes Park, heading to meet Megan and Marty who've gotten a truck and an extra horse trailer for her.  Steve, Curt, and Jayleen are already driving back into Bellevue Canyon where Jayleen's ranch is located to rescue her alpaca.  The wildfire started a stone's throw from Bellevue Canyon, so all of Kelly's friends are showing up to help save Jayleen's alpaca herd.

Books will be available in hardcover and E-books June 2nd.   Also, the paperback edition of Kelly #12,  CLOSE KNIT KILLER, will also be available on June 2nd.   I hope you enjoy the mystery.  :)


Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Yarn over Murder sounds terrific!! And number 13 is a wonderful accomplishment--congrats! Looking forward to it.

Maggie Sefton said...

Thanks, Mary. :) But I'm going to have to apologize next Tuesday. YARN OVER is Kelly #12. I'm finishing #13 right now. That's what happens when you're posting late at night and you're sleepy.

Aurian said...

As I have to read the paperback, I am a book behind, but exited to read the next mystery! Congrats Maggie!

Michelle said...

I've requested it from the library so it should be here soon. I didn't read the one that came out last year, but read the one before that. I don't read books in order or back-to-back in a series. By the time I get to another one in a series I'd forget stuff anyway!