Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Voice and American Idol

by Leann

I know I've written about these shows before, and though most reality shows are no longer my cup of tea, those that involve creativity have always drawn me in. I love singing competitions and even watched Nashville Star way back before it was cancelled. Miranda Lambert came in second one year and guess who was a judge? Her now husband Blake Shelton. Now look at those two taking over the country world! 

I thought Idol might die, but this year, they went back to their original idea--young, raw talent seeking to break in. They also have three judges who really know the music business and can be honest. Harry Connick Jr is a
funny guy but he doesn't fool around when it comes to judging a performance. Having spent eleven years collecting rejection letters, I understand how important it is to get a dose of reality. Those kids will hear "no" a hundred times more than "yes." The contestants need a thick skin if they want to succeed, yet keep their inner sensitivity to deliver a song the way it should be sung.

The Voice is probably my favorite show on TV. These contestants are ALL very talented and much more polished than those on Idol, but then, the selection process is not televised. I imagine the producers are very very picky. Right now, all the artists remaining could have a career, in my opinion. The chemistry between the judges is so enjoyable that it elevates this show above the rest. The mentors aren't always great, but a few, like the gentle Chris Martin from Coldplay, really know how to help a performer become better--and with very few words. (My favorite performer this season, by the way, is this guy--Josh.)

I haven't tried any cooking shows yet, but once we are in the new house, I plan on trying out a few. Right now I have an almost non-usable kitchen and I cannot bear to look at people preparing delicious food. Any favorites among the cooking shows? (Ramsey is out. He's so awful on the commercials. Honesty is one thing, but being brutally honest isn't necessary.) When I am sitting in my new kitchen, what show should I be watching?
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