Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Power of the Pen

by Mary Kennedy
You've got mail!! Electronically speaking, of course. But what happened to old-fashioned letter writing?  Why not drop a quick note to tell someone you had a lovely time at their dinner party, or that you really appreciate that basket of fresh basil they left at your front door? Maybe just a few lines to let them know that you are so sorry they are going through a tough time and that you hope things will be better soon? What if you didn't send your message electronically but you sent it (gasp!) by pen and paper? Would it matter? Would the sentiments be any sweeter, the words any more meaningful?
I say, "Yes!" I think everyone appreciates a hand-written note, even more so nowadays when so few people bother to take the time and trouble. You don't need fancy notecards (although these can be nice, especially if they are related to your friend's hobbies or interests.) I buy interesting cards when I come across them, knowing that someday I will have the perfect occasion to use them!
But the thought is truly what counts! Your friends will be grateful that you took a few extra minutest to connect with them and their day will probably be a little brighter. (Who knows? Maybe yours will be too!) Do you ever write notes to your friends and family?
Mary Kennedy 
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