Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mirror, Mirror

by Leann

If you think this blog is another message about women's body image, it's not. It's a literal title--actually about mirror choices. The new house is coming close to completion--though the pace has been even less than a snail's, as far as I am concerned. Because of my fatigue issues I can't hop from store to store to check things out. Even one trip to Lowe's is tiring because of all the stimulation of way too much stuff and walking long distances from one area to another on concrete.

So, I ended up buying many things for the house online and every single one has been perfect. I love all my light fixtures. Here's the kitchen pendant fixtures with seeded glass globes.
I bought cushions that will look amazing for the kitchen island chairs and a set of pottery canisters I absolutely adore. The white vanity with marble top that I bought from a California company arrived in perfect condition and is exactly the right size for the small downstairs bathroom.

But now it's time to buy mirrors for the upstairs bathrooms. A choice I thought would be simple turned out to be almost impossible. Thank goodness my sister, the real Candace Carson, came to visit this week. She helped me measure the spaces where the mirrors need to go and we decided what size and shape would work best.

I'd already gone cross-eyed looking at pictures of mirrors. Here are the spaces I needed to fill in the master. My husband's vanity is the smaller one. And I've included pics of both showers so you can get a feel for the spaces.

I have finally made my decisions after looking at picture after picture. For the master I chose two of these
and for the guest bathroom I chose a plainer version.

I was so surprised I ended up with the mirrors that were curved on top since most everything else is very vertical and horizontal in the house, but when I picture these mirrors in those bathrooms, they just seem perfect. Let's hope my luck holds and they don't arrive in a billion pieces!

What do you think? Have I conveyed how excited I am to being so close to a peaceful life on the lake? If not, I am THRILLED!
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