Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Delayed Spring Back East

by Maggie Sefton

This is a lovely cherry blossom tree near my friends house in Vienna, Virginia (Northern VA)

I'm back in the Northern Virginia & Washington, DC area now, and it's such a surprise to see the delayed spring all around.  It's as if the calendar was turned back an entire month.  The trees are that lime green, early spring color and are not fully leafed out yet.  The flowering pink cherry blossoms are out in full bloom and so are the dogwoods and the white apple blossom trees.  But azaleas and other spring flowering plants are either just coming into bloom or are filled with fattening buds, coming along.   Truly, this is late March weather and plant growth.  I'm amazed.

I figure it's all because of the Brutal Winter this area endured.  I cannot remember my hometown area experiencing that kind of cold and snow for so long.  Honestly, there was another cold spell right before I arrived last week.   Brrrrr!    I was warmer in Northern Colorado.   Honest.  :). Believe it or not, but Spring in Colorado came in Mid-March.  Buds on the trees were fat and literally burst into bloom the last week of March with our sunny temps in the low 70s.

The annual mystery conference Malice Domestic is scheduled for the end of this week in Washington, DC. So I'm looking forward to meeting readers and writer friends, and my editor and agent.  Meanwhile, I'm seeing Family and Friends and. visiting some bookstores while here.  Always fun.

Was your Spring late in your area?   What's blooming in your neighborhood?

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