Thursday, April 10, 2014

April Showers Bring …


The winner of the Walter the Pug tote from last week’s blog is: KELLY!   Kelly, please send your mailing address to and Walter will wing his way to you.  Thanks everyone, for comments! 

And now onto those April showers!

April showers bring so many things: muddy boots,  wet feet, gray days, for sure.  Then there is flooding: what they call nuisance flooding (blocked roads and driveways, unusable parks) and more serious water problems.  I hope you are all avoiding those things this year and every year in fact.

It's not easy being a crocus!
What I like about April showers is that the messy, black snow starts to disappear and bright, brave little flowers start to appear.  The bravest in this part of Ontario with its brutal winter and hot humid summers are the little crocuses.

Yesterday, I noticed two people had stopped while walking by our house and were pointing. The patch of crocus we planted last year was emerging to bring a little joy and the promise of better days ahead – Spring and Summer.   They're not beautiful yet, but they give me hope!

The other gift of the showers is that my nearly legless dogs can at last for a W-A-L-K.  Being princess dachshunds they’re not crazy about being wet and cold.

No one can see me hiding under this blanket!

But they like the reaction their raincoats get from the world.  Of course, I have to talk them out from the porch first.

Let's wait until May!
As for me, I love my old yellow rain boots. 

 I feel like I’m five years old in them and I can’t resist splashing in the first puddle I find.  This one might have been a bit too much.
Very cold and very wet!

What can I say? Dignity is overrated.
How about you?  Do April showers fill you with joy or dread?  Let’s hear it. Spill!


lavendersbluegreen said...

I love the rain, especially the barely wet air drizzle we get a lot in the Puget Sound area. I can remember having my big yellow boots a s a child and splashing through puddles with my best friend Amy. There was a time I swore there were slugs in my boots :) although there were not.... Now I have big black rubber boots with colorful polka dots.

Mary Jane Maffini said...

Polka dot boots sounds wonderful! When my yellow ones finally bite the dust, that would be my choice. I am glad you love the rain, because you sure get it.



Grandma Cootie said...

That picture of Walter the Pug gets me every time. And love the dachshund rainwear. They look about as happy as our Pep the Pug looks in his slicker - we call him ceramic dog because he won't move his legs.

Here in California we are thrilled with any little drop of rain we get. One day it's green, then you turn around and all the hills are brown again. Love splashing around in the puddles if and when we get them.

Aurian said...

Thanks for the fun post! I really don't like getting wet outside of the bathroom, so no happy splashing for me.

Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Such sweet pups in their raincoats!! I have to admit, rain makes me think of dark, gloomy days. My husband doesn't seem to mind 1) rainy days 2) piercing winds that goes straight through you 3) dank, drizzly mornings and 4) gray, gloomy skies. He would do well in an Ingmar Bergman film, come to think of it. But then...he's a Brit!! (and that explains it) :-)

Unknown said...

Hey, MJ! Greetings from beautiful British Columbia!!
We love rain; here we call it 'liquid sunshine'. We don't age in Vancouver; we rust!!
The crocus & snow drop have been out for weeks here in Lotus Land (aka Lower Mainland). All my trees and shrubs are bursting with life. Can't wait to see my California lilac. It gets bigger and more beautiful every year. The temp was so high that I didn't need a sweater! (Take that! My baby sister in Kamloops, who still has snow!) Hope the weather holds since our daughter, Rachel and her groom, Justin are getting married on April 19th! They'll be taking lots of exterior shots, so please, Rain -- hold off until about 5.30 when the reception starts!! Hope weather is great for you in Nova Scotia!!

Mary Jane Maffini said...

Thanks and regards to you and Pep the Pug! We have been thinking about your drought in California. Too bad things couldn't average out. Way too much water on the east coast this year.



Mary Jane Maffini said...

Too funny and yet, I get that too. Stay dry and happy, Aurian.



Mary Jane Maffini said...

Oh the Brits. Yes, it explains his attitud, Mary. What other kind of weather is there?



Mary Jane Maffini said...

Thanks, Laurie. I have happy memories of trips to BC and seeing daffs in February. A far cry from N.S. and even further from Ontario where I now live.

I hope the wonderful goes wonderfully! I won't say swimmingly ...

Have a lovely time.



Unknown said...

Sorry, MJ, thought you were still round about Halifax way. Haven't lived in Ontario since the end of '99 when we headed back to BC. We were in Whitby just minutes from Lake Ontario. So do miss the grand changing of the seasons....and yes, the snow!!! LOL Please tell me you're not in the GTA??