Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Writing Space of Our Own

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed
We writers are an odd bunch. A bit focused on the material world, even though we spend most of our days inside our own heads, far removed from reality. Still, good luck tokens are important – a special pen, the right mug filled with our favorite beverage, a certain routine required before we put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper, and a place to do our work.

I had a table – small, wooden. It looked out onto an apple tree in the backyard – birds at the bird feeder, turkeys eyeballing me through the pane, the occasional deer. This was where I wrote about Gertie Johnson, my Michigan Upper Peninsula sleuth, before the kids came home from school and filled the house with sound.

Eden Elliott, protagonist in the upcoming Scottish Highlands mysteries, is a romance writer. She finds her muse in a secluded warren inside a pub called The Kilt and Thistle. 

These days I’m more flexible, able to enter the worlds I create from most physical locations. But some of them are more magical than others. Ajijic, Mexico in February, for example. Right down the cobblestone street from my beautiful rental apartment, I found the ideal spot. That’s it shown above. A shady table, wandering cats, birds singing, the soft drone of human voices in the background. My fingers flew on the keyboard like they never have before. I’m hoping once spring arrives (will it ever?) I will find another outdoor space to match that one.

How about you? Where do you like to write? 

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