Saturday, March 22, 2014

Working in Pajamas

By Mary Kennedy
Do you go to work in your pajamas? Okay, true confession time, sometimes I do! Not on the days I see clients at the practice, but on the days that I sit at the computer, writing mysteries for Penguin-Random House.
Working from home is very trendy; one in five Americans work from home these days. Not only writers, of course. Accountants, marketing specialists, computer analysts, fund-raisers, medical coders, etc, all find it useful to spend at least part of the week at home.
The upside is that you get to work in your PJ's, the downside is that you may be spending far too many hours at the computer, and you are also subject to constant interruptions. Some of my friends refuse to believe that I'm really "working" on my "writing days," and think I'm secretly watching Netflix with a pint of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey. (not true, I swear! I prefer Cherry Garcia.)
If you do work from home, here are a few tips to get you started. First, find a separate space for your work area. Don't let it bleed into the den, the family room or your bedroom.
Also (and this is tough), try to set realistic boundaries with friends and family. You cannot be available by phone all day long, you are working! Make a plan to return phone calls and e-mails at a certain time each day and stick to it. If possible, put the phone on mute, unless you are afraid there will be an emergency or you are waiting for a call from a doctor.  Set specific times to work and schedule a daily lunch break.  And stop checking your phone!                                                           
Finally, understand you personal working style, do you work best in the mornings, or in the afternoons? Choose to do projects at your most productive times. Remember, you have the privilege of working from home make the most of it! If you work from home, what are some of the obstacles you face? Is productivity an issue? Thanks for stopping by.

Mary Kennedy

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