Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Where Is It?

by Maggie Sefton

Okay----this is a blog for mystery readers and featuring seven, sometimes eight,
mystery authors.  So it's a natural response for people like us to be fascinated by the Mystery of the Missing Plane.  Specifically, the Maylasian Airlines 777 jet airliner that disappeared ten days ago. . .without a trace.   This is the first time in my lifetime that there has been no sign of wreckage on land or oil slicks on the ocean's surface that would indicate the plane fell---accidentally or deliberately---into the deepest part of the ocean.  So deep, there has been no trace of wreckage.  No metal parts of a plane, no seat cusions floating, nothing.

Or. . .maybe there was some wreckage that floated---for a day or two then sank beneath the seas.  We're told wreckage will do that.  And it's a BIG ocean.  More than one big ocean, as a matter of fact.  The Indian Ocean meets the Pacific Ocean, and that ocean is HUGE.

Or. . .maybe the plane crashed-----either accidentally or delberately----into a remote jungle where the wreckage wouldn't be noticed upon a flyover, especially if the investigator was flying over a LARGE area of jungle.  So----it would take a more careful observation of those jungle areas.  And that brings me to my overall question.

We have all sorts of technological equipment which can pick up on "pings" and other signals coming from black boxes and other missing equipment.  No doubt, way more sophisticated equipment actually exists that we don't know about, and I have no doubt that is probably being used.   So. . .when will we hear about those results?  Meanwhile-----everyone is speculating.  The media is having a field day speculating.  So, why don't we do it here on Cozy Chicks Blog?    What do YOU think happened to the plane?

Do you think there was an accidental or deliberate crash?   Or. . .are you joining the folks who are beginning to voice opinions of a more supernatural nature?  :)   I have to admit that I'm amused by the similarity of this plane's disapparance and the "set up" for the TV series LOST a few years ago.  A plane was strangely diverted and fell somewhere in the Pacific Ocean near a deserted island.   Fascinating.

If it goes on for another week, I think the searchers should ask screenwriter J.J. Abrams for help.    
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