Sunday, March 30, 2014

Two Promising Shows Now Seriously Flawed

by Leann

Caveat: The following post contains minor spoilers if you have not watched either The Following or Hannibal and plan to catch up in the future.

I admit I love TV. I want stories. Good stories. Well written and well acted stories that keep me guessing. I was so sorry to see The Closer end. It was by far one of my favorite shows of all time. But when Kyra Sedgwick's husband Kevin Bacon was cast in The Following I was excited. I adore Kevin Bacon. The first season, though short, was great. But this season? Uh-uh for me.

What was a thriller-type show with lots of twists and turns and a character-driven plot has turned into a horror program. I am a fan of The Following. But ever since I read The Exorcist decades ago and it scared me so bad I couldn't sleep for a week, I crossed horror off my list. I was optimistic when the antagonist ended up in a cult. I mean, what better place to find, well, followers? But it has become over the top with too much gore and no one with a conscience to be found. I don't know if I can stick with it. I understand we all have our preferences and I'm sure there are people out there who still love horror.

The other show I thought had so much promise? Hannibal. Last season I was remembering how much I liked Silence of the Lambs. Even though
awful stuff happens, the protagonist is strong with a sound moral compass. I was a tad squeamish about Hannibal's choice of menu, however the artistic quality of the show and the amazing Hugh Dancy
hooked me. This season? The good guy is in jail, the gore factor has been raised to way more than I can stand and I am disenchanted. Even though the artistry and originality in the show has been maintained, it cannot make up for the yuck factor. Don't these writers know that less is more?

I have to say, one show that has surprised me is Crisis. I was prepared to to see one episode and not like it, but it has the stuff I enjoy: solid good guys, really bad bad guys and lots of twists and turns. So, my thrillers for the year are The Blacklist (James Spader KNOWS how to do an excellent bad guy) and Crisis. If The Following and Hannibal go away, I'll understand why.

If you like horror and are hooked on the shows I have fallen out of love with, I hope they continue for your sake. After all, everyone's taste is different. But I'd love to hear your opinions on these shows. Maybe you'll change my mind, or maybe you'll validate what I've been thinking. Let me know!
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