Sunday, March 2, 2014


by Leann

Because my mystery series revolves around cats, I write plenty of blogs and Facebook posts about them. But it's time to talk about my amazing dog, Rosie. She's a miniature labradoodle, weighing in at about 28 pounds on a good day at the vet. Her recent gobbling of cat food when she can sneak it has caused her to gain a few pounds.

This is one smart dog, probably the smartest I've had the privilege to know. She got the poodle brain and the lab coat. That mean she sheds. A lot. One reason we went to this mutt breed was because we thought she wouldn't shed. Wrong. But she makes up for that one flaw in so many ways.

We learned early she would retrieve anything, play forever and love her people. But the tricks she has learned? Well, let's just say my husband never had a dog that would bring him his socks and shoes when it was
time for a walk. She brings in the newspaper and the mail, and does all the regular commands. She can sit, stay, rollover, turn around, dance, "sit pretty," lie down and go to bed on command. She also polices the cats from jumping on the entertainment center and knows everything we say. At times we have to spell words--especially squirrel and bird, since she will run to the window and look for such animals when we say the words.

But this past week, she learned something new and learned it very quickly. The place we are renting has a fenced yard--which we did not have in Texas. Back there, we always had to take her out, watch her and she'd come right back inside. But here? She can stay outside if she chooses. And lately she has chosen to more than ever. And she has learned the doggie joy of rolling in "stuff." Smelly "stuff." So,
when she came in and I couldn't baby-wipe her down right away, I said, "Go in the other room. You're stinky." I guess I must have made a face to go with it because now, all I have to do is make that wrinkled-nose "it's stinky" face and off she goes to the other room! My husband thought it was just coincidence until I showed him. Yup. She is one smart dog! And we love her dearly!

What about you? Do your pets have "tricks of the trade?"
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