Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sounds of Silence - NOT!

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

One thing I noticed right away during my vacation in Mexico was the noise. With perfect weather almost year round in this mountainous village called Ajijic, people do a lot of outdoor living. Horse hooves on cobblestone, music wafting in the air, the rooster next door who seemed confused about when to wake the world up. He start his alarm well before daylight and carried on all day. This is him.  Isn't he a beauty?

Then there were the dogs. Not much action during the day, but at night they woke up. One would start barking or howling somewhere in the
village and the rest would chime in. This guy is taking a nap right on a street corner, exhausted from a night of carrying on. The canines here are all well fed with limitless freedom to roam.

At first I couldn't sleep for all the noise. Then as the days progressed it bothered me less and less.

My first night home to Wisconsin? I couldn't sleep.

The sounds of silence keep me up. Isn't that a twist?

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