Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rise and Shine Or Where Has the Morning Gone?

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

First things first -Turn on the computer

Start coffee

While it's brewing check email in case my ship came in

Delete lots of spam instead of breaking out the mimosas

Pour cup of coffee (mug from my vacation in Mexico)

Go to bookmarks/favorites and start working through my morning routine list

Savor coffee for first stop at Cozy Chicks

Facebook Next – happy birthday wishes, spy on family and friends

Scan a few news sources for latest impending disasters  and find plenty to worry about

Check my online bank account to make sure I haven’t been hacked, whew, A-ok

Pour more coffee

Settle into my list of about fifteen blogs and follow lots of links

A few personal favorites after the Chicks and Facebook:
  •  RVSue and her canine crew, who have chucked it all and are living the high life in a travel trailer
  • Mr. Money Mustache - especially his forum where we throw down our gauntlets
  • The Passive Guy - compiles daily lists of important writing/industry news
  • LifeHacker - with so many ways to simplify my life I could hang here all day
    Where are your favorite online stops? Because I really need to expand my waste-the-morning horizons:)


Bill B said...

OK, my comment disappeared, so if this ends up being a duplicate, please delete! And sorry, but this isn't a suggestion for waste-your-morning online stops -- I'm sure you'll get some good ideas from other folks! I just wanted to tell you something that crossed my mind today as I was re-reading Murder Passes the Buck. Gertie had just made a comment, "Forty years in the U.P. doesn't give you automatic citizenship. Your need 3 or 4 generations for that."

It reminded me of a story from Vermont. A guy & his older (a little older than Gertie) neighbor were hunkered in his driveway shootin' the breeze when he (the younger) said, "Well, Ed, I know you don't consider me a native since I've only lived here 17 years, but all 3 of my daughters were born here, so that makes 'em genuine Vermonters, right?" Well, the old guy just looked at him for a long moment and then snapped, "If yeh cat had kittens in the oven, wouldja call 'em BISCUITS?!"

That always makes me laugh, but I've gotta say, after a couple decades of raising kids there, and being deeply involved in the community, we definitely felt like Yoopers! And still do, even after 7 or 8 years in the Pacific Northwest (& loving it -- it's the U.P. without the snow or bugs). Part of that feeling comes from being in daily touch with friends & former neighbors there, and part comes from reading your books!

Have a great day, Deb, however you choose to spend your time today!

Brooke Showalter said...

Thank you for adding to my list of online time-sucking sites. ;) I like wasting time on They have so many fun games that I can get lost for a while!

Deb said...

Hahaha...Brooke, I'm thrilled to assist!!, here I come.

Deb said...

Bill, thank you so much for all your years of supporting Gertie and her madcap adventures. I love your story about the old guy and his snappy reply. I haven't had the opportunity to visit the U.P. for over a year and I can't wait until August when I will hunker down there and Gertie will tell me a new story. We are Yoopers at heart and that's what counts:)

Susan L. @ Full Happy Muffin and Mama said...

Pinterest, of course. Cozy Chicks, of course. If it's a Wednesday, the grocery store sites to make my grocery list for the week. The Slow Roasted Italian (for versatility with pretzels, buffalo chicken, and pizza). Six Sisters' Stuff. Pinspired Home: a blog devoted to Pinterest projects. Money Saving Mom. Pocket Change Gourmet: I just made their Quick and Easy Cheeseburger Pies.

Nancy said...

Deb, it's been a good long while since I have been in the U.P.,but I think you have captured the essence in your Gertie stories.
The biggest time-suck of all for me was Farmville, a Facebook game. I broke that addiction. Now I play Scrabble and a couple of other word games with a few people. I don't do it for hours,either.Facebook I could cut back on.

Lynn T. said...

Bill B.
Enjoyed your Vermont story. Thanks for the chuckle.

Lynn T. said...

I always enjoy your posts and your sense of humor. I could relate to your post today as I have a morning routine also. Reading Cozy Chicks is one of my first stops in the morning.

Deb said...

Love all these new sites to explore. Thanks, Susan!

Deb said...

Thanks for the compliment, Nancy:) I was addicted to Farmville, too. Until I had so many animals and crops I couldn't keep up with maintaining them. I was exhausted!!

Deb said...

Awwww...gee...thanks, Lynn:) And so glad the Cozy Chicks Blog is part of your routine too.

Heather said...

Most of my online time seems to be spent between Goodreads, Pinterest and Splitcoast Stampers. If I feel up to the headache, I visit the inferior Google Reader replacement to check on favorite blogs.

Deb said...

Forgot to include Pinterest in my list. Love the images and recipes!!

Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

This is a great post, Deb, I can really relate. The only thing I would add is "greet, feed and scoop out cat boxes for 8 hungry cats." Who said a writer's life is glamorous?

Deb said...

Your addition is far better than anything else. 8! Wow.