Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rise and Shine Or Where Has the Morning Gone?

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

First things first -Turn on the computer

Start coffee

While it's brewing check email in case my ship came in

Delete lots of spam instead of breaking out the mimosas

Pour cup of coffee (mug from my vacation in Mexico)

Go to bookmarks/favorites and start working through my morning routine list

Savor coffee for first stop at Cozy Chicks

Facebook Next – happy birthday wishes, spy on family and friends

Scan a few news sources for latest impending disasters  and find plenty to worry about

Check my online bank account to make sure I haven’t been hacked, whew, A-ok

Pour more coffee

Settle into my list of about fifteen blogs and follow lots of links

A few personal favorites after the Chicks and Facebook:
  •  RVSue and her canine crew, who have chucked it all and are living the high life in a travel trailer
  • Mr. Money Mustache - especially his forum where we throw down our gauntlets
  • The Passive Guy - compiles daily lists of important writing/industry news
  • LifeHacker - with so many ways to simplify my life I could hang here all day
    Where are your favorite online stops? Because I really need to expand my waste-the-morning horizons:)

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