Sunday, March 9, 2014

Oh What a Relief It Is!

by Leann

When I moved from Texas to South Carolina in August of 2012, I left the best chiropractor I'd ever gone to. Because I have many old whiplash injuries as well as fibromyalgia, my back and neck hurt quite often. Working at a computer for hours a day doesn't help. But did I find a new
chiropractor as soon as we moved here? No. I thought the best ones would be in the closest large city, Greenville, and that's an hour away. Driving two hours for an adjustment that could be wiped out just by the long drive home held me back. Or that's what I told myself. Looking back, I was just worried about adding another new health care provider. Good ones are hard to come by!

Then, as the clumsy oaf I tend to be, I fell in January. It was a quick jarring fall and I felt my whole spine tingle from the bottom up to my neck
even though I fell on my knees. (By the way, there was a drain pipe in the sidewalk that shouldn't have been there, so this time it wasn't totally my fault! Really. It wasn't.) I was sore, yes, and tried to ignore the aches and pains in the following days. But my neck just kept hurting until it became absolute unrelenting pain. No amount of medicine, ice, heat, Traumeel cream, changes in pillows, sitting positions or stretching helped.

Finally, I talked to my hair stylist. If anyone knows the "best" people for just about any job, ask the ladies and gentlemen who work in a salon. She recommended a woman and I made my first appointment. The x-rays
weren't pretty. My too-straight neck now has a reverse curve. In other words, in the year and a half since I last saw my last chiropractor, my bones have rebelled. She confirmed the old whiplash injuries caused this when my spine went untreated.

It has been a slow recovery, but finally, medicine works again. I have hours where I feel no pain and Dr. Shana is an absolute sweetheart. I am still going three times a week, but adjustments, electrical stimulation and traction are working. Oh what a
relief it is indeed. And I have learned my lesson. Chiropractic can work very well for people with fibromyalgia. And for the clumsy folks in the world!

Ever been to a chiropractor? Did it help? From my experience, you definitely have to find the right one for you. So hurry to the salon and ask for the best!
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