Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No Escape

by Maggie Sefton

A great way to escape unpleasant chores would be to take a great hike here in Colorado.  Unfortunately it's not Spring yet.  March in Colorado is our snowiest month with Spring snow, and in between beautiful warm Spring-like days that tempt the buds on trees and plants to fatten.  But---real spring won't begin until April.  Our High Country is still covered in snow.  Perfect for skiers.  :)

So, what chore have I been ignoring?   Hint:  Everyone has to do it here in the U.S.

I've been back from my month-long writing retreat for over a week now and have been catching up every day PLUS writing on the next Kelly Flynn mystery which my editor expects
to see in June.  Add to that, I've been finishing details on my NEW E-Book Original Historical Mystery which I hope to have out as an E-Book this month.   So, I've been busy.  So busy that I've been able to totally ignore this VERY IMPORTANT TASK.   Have you figured it out?   It's the same task that all of us have to do after the turn of each new year-----gathering all the financial information for Income Taxes.

  Another way to avoid tasks would be to indulge myself with sinfully soft yarns.

You'd think as a former CPA, there's no way I could forget that important task.  And you'd be right.  I never forgot it. . . I just chose to attack the long list of "Have To Do's" first.  Normally I have all the information ready to take to my CPA by the first week of March.  But this year I was out of town for the entire month of February, and that took away my precious "sorting time."  Going through all my receipts and organizing them.   So----now it's the second week of March and I haven't even started sorting yet.

No escape. . . 

Don't say it.  I need to get all my info on a spreadsheet, and every year at this time I swear I will do it.  Then the schedules of writing deadlines and writing-related and other travel intrude and I simply choose not to take the time.  Yep.  It's my fault so I have no right to complain.  Well. . .maybe I'll whine just a little.   Meanwhile, I'd better get started on the sorting.   No escape.   What about you folks?  Have you done your taxes yet?   Go ahead.  Make me feel guilty.  

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