Saturday, March 29, 2014


by Mary Kennedy             

A recent scientific study shows something you’ve probably suspected–eating chocolate really does make you feel better! Almost one thousand men and women were included in the study which examined the amount of chocolate consumed by depressed people versus people who are not depressed. The results are startling. People suffering from major depressive symptoms ate 12 one oz servings of chocolate a month, while those with milder depression ate just 5 servings a month.
  •  Researchers have not come up with a reason for these findings, although past studies indicated that an ingredient in chocolate is the same as a "feel-good" hormone that is related to falling in love.  (Phenylethylamine) So if you feel the urge for chocolate, feel free to indulge. Just remember to use common sense about portion control and to choose dark chocolate, if possible                                          

 And if you feel you're becoming a chocoholic and your chocolate addiction is seriously getting out of control, here's a tip from Psychological Science. New research shows that the smell of jasmine inhibits a desire for chocolate. So you can always brew a cup of jasmine tea and savor the scent.
Enjoy everything in moderation! What's your preference in chocolate? Dark chocolate, milk chocolate? And do you prefer it in cookies, cakes or brownies or do you like to bunch on a chocolate bar?
by Mary Kennedy
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