Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ellery's Mystery Cozy Contest

Hosted By Ellery Adams

It's the first of the month and a chance to win an e-gift card for $10 to the bookstore of your choice).

This is how it works: I post a few lines from a cozy mystery. You post the title and author in the comment section. Then, I'll draw a random name from the winning guesses and post that person's name on this page and on Facebook by 10 p.m. on March 2nd. I'm doing this so I don't forget to post the winner for all to see. This contest is now fast and furious as well as cozy and cool!

Okay, here we go! Here are the lines from this month's mystery cozy:

"The sight of Hercule Poirot, in a white suit, pink shirt, large black bow tie and a white toupee, did not make her wince as the aristocratic Miss Van Schuyler would assuredly have winced. As they walked together up the avenue of the sphinxes, she responded readily to his conventional opening."

Ellery's helpful hint - This is my favorite book by the First Lady of Mystery and I traveled to this exotic locale with my mom. Good Luck!
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