Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Downton Catchup

by Maggie Sefton

I arrived back at my home in Colorado late last Friday night---actually, since
it was after 1:30am, it was technically way early Saturday morning.   Consequently I used the rest of the weekend resting up from travel and relaxing.  I also caught up on some of my favorite television dramas which I either recorded or watched on Infinity on Demand.

The Blacklist is my favorite new show.  I've also enjoyed the new one, Almost Human.  But the very first one I chose to watch missed episodes was the wonderful Downton Abbey series.  This was the fourth season for the English drama.   And I was hoping to see how the problems that had been introduced into the plotline before I left Februrary 1st were developed before the season ending episode which was this last Sunday night.

I'd already been surprised (to put it mildly) by the shocking development of Anna's attack by that horrible man.  I think most of us were naturally concerned about Bates reaction.  None of the faithful audience wanted to see wonderful Mr. Bates thrown into jail again and most probably be hanged.

This season didn't lack for additional drama and problems.  The most significant was Edith's surprise discovery.  Also, the introduction of not one but two new suitors for Mary's attention.  And, dear son-in-law Tom Branson has managed to become innocently entangled with a young woman who has an agenda.  As always, scheming valet Thomas is lurking about and up to no good.

So----for those of you who're also Downton Abbey fans, please share with us your theories about some of these plotlines.   What do you see in the future regarding Edith's important decision?   What about dear Tom, do you foresee further entanglements with this young woman who has an agenda?  What about scheming Thomas?  And, which of Mary's two suitors do you favor?  Do you think either one has a real chance of winning her?


Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Maggie, like you, I've been away and missed the latest episodes of Downton Abbey (but they are safely stored on Tivo). Can't wait to catch up on all the characters. I had hoped this show would go on forever, but the producers are saying it won't go beyond 5 seasons at the most. Such a fabulous series.

Amanda said...

I think it really depends on how long the show runs for. If they're seriously thinking of ending the series next season (Season 5), then they have just one season left to wrap everything up neatly. But if they're willing to run the series for another couple of seasons, we could see greater exploration of some of the themes that were opened in this season. For example, if they're ending it next season, then Tom will likely not get further entangled with that woman, and he will likely end on a "possible future with the schoolteacher" note, possibly in America or somewhere else away from Downton. But if they're willing to extend it by a season or two, then the schoolteacher may turn out to not be "the one," but she may succeed in drawing Tom back into politics, and we might see him run for the House of Commons. I doubt they could get that story line going in just one more season, though. Just my $0.02!

Diane said...

I just know that I don't want them to end the series. I love that show and this season ended so soon it seemed. Perhaps Tom will move to America and start a new series...I think Edith is going to have a problem with her baby being so close. When I see Thomas come on, I cringe, wondering what trouble he will cause. .

Mary Jane Maffini said...

I foresee trouble and complications and romance and gorgeous clothes! We are hooked and there's no escape. That Thomas though, has he gone too far?



Maggie Sefton said...

I know, Mary. I really love those characters. There have been some other British series that I'd fallen for ages ago. I still remember that wonderful series depicting the fascinating life of Lily Langtry. Wonderful. I still remember scenes. And the actor who played Lily's friend, the famous writer Oscar Wilde, was outstanding. Probably the very best portrayal of Wilde I've seen in a lifetime.

Maggie Sefton said...

You've raised some fascinating possibilities. Yes, let's hope the audience fervor will persuade the creator Julian Fellowes to keep it going.

Maggie Sefton said...

I agree that Edith's storyline with the baby has great possibilities. As the child gets older, the family is bound to notice the resemblance to her mother. Or maybe her lover will reappear from Germany and they can become a family. :)

Maggie Sefton said...

I sincerely hope so. I would love it if Cora's new lady's maid admits Thomas's relentless probing of her about private information about the family. That would really frost both Cora and Robert. Maybe enough for Robert to send Thomas packing WITHOUT a reference. A fitting punishment. I admit that I want the worst for Thomas. No mercy for villains. Remember that I'm an old Historical novelist. Villains always get their deserved punishment. Heh heh heh.