Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Downton Catchup

by Maggie Sefton

I arrived back at my home in Colorado late last Friday night---actually, since
it was after 1:30am, it was technically way early Saturday morning.   Consequently I used the rest of the weekend resting up from travel and relaxing.  I also caught up on some of my favorite television dramas which I either recorded or watched on Infinity on Demand.

The Blacklist is my favorite new show.  I've also enjoyed the new one, Almost Human.  But the very first one I chose to watch missed episodes was the wonderful Downton Abbey series.  This was the fourth season for the English drama.   And I was hoping to see how the problems that had been introduced into the plotline before I left Februrary 1st were developed before the season ending episode which was this last Sunday night.

I'd already been surprised (to put it mildly) by the shocking development of Anna's attack by that horrible man.  I think most of us were naturally concerned about Bates reaction.  None of the faithful audience wanted to see wonderful Mr. Bates thrown into jail again and most probably be hanged.

This season didn't lack for additional drama and problems.  The most significant was Edith's surprise discovery.  Also, the introduction of not one but two new suitors for Mary's attention.  And, dear son-in-law Tom Branson has managed to become innocently entangled with a young woman who has an agenda.  As always, scheming valet Thomas is lurking about and up to no good.

So----for those of you who're also Downton Abbey fans, please share with us your theories about some of these plotlines.   What do you see in the future regarding Edith's important decision?   What about dear Tom, do you foresee further entanglements with this young woman who has an agenda?  What about scheming Thomas?  And, which of Mary's two suitors do you favor?  Do you think either one has a real chance of winning her?
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