Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Snack Food Day

by Leann

I love pictures of food. I love recipes. I love to eat--even though many foods no longer love me anymore. We have Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter and Hanukkah "specialties" depending on your family and often depending on where you live.

But today? The food is universal. It's wings and dips and chili and chips
and crackers and cheese and beer and soft drinks and nuts and ... you get the idea. Scientists are always studying strange things and I am wondering which day of the years is the worst for Americans' health. Do THAT study because I'm thinking it's today. That doesn't mean I won't line my arteries with Velveeta along with the best of them, but really, could there be anything worse that what we consume on Super Bowl Sunday?

I receive many--okay WAY TOO MANY--recipe newsletters online. For the last two weeks it's been nothing but snack food enticements. Easy dips, fancy dips (I'm thinking of the artichoke and roasted red pepper dip recipe I got a couple days ago--yum!) and even ways to make steak and then serve it on a cracker.
First off, I am not serving steak on a cracker. Second off, that has to be one strong cracker no matter how tender the steak is. But if it fits into a snack food category, it's on for the Super Bowl.

I know the grocery store folks are making a killing on cheese and Rotel
tomatoes and little sausages and chicken wings. And right around the corner, you got it, we have Valentine's day. At least people don't make an all day feast out of chocolate hearts. Or do they?

What are you cooking up for Super Bowl Sunday. (And can I come over?)
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