Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Springtime in February

by Maggie Sefton

It's hard not to love Mexico.  The people are joyous and friendly, the climate in many
places like Ajijic is the same as Springtime in Colorado----warm and sunny.  Temps are in the high 70s & low 80s.  Sunny every day because the rainy season comes later in the year.  Ajijic is a little over a mile high, like Fort Collins, Colorado.  The two-story house where Deb and I are staying is very pretty with screened porches off all the bedrooms plus a lovely inner courtyard in the front and two rooftop terraces which are perfect for writing.  I promised photos so here they are.  Above is a photo of Lake Chapala which is a block away.    There's a lovely pathway that runs all alongside the lake, filled with people walking, jogging, and taking their dogs out.  Lots of dogs and kitties everywhere.  All that I see are well-fed and relaxed.  :)   Mexico does that to you.  Good food everywhere and relaxing surroundings.   And----believe it or not, Deb and I are writing every day.  :)

This is bougainvillea along the street we walk everyday.

Here and below are some of the patios and screened porches.

You can understand why we're outside most of the days.

Writing retreat-----   Believe me, it's easy to write in a setting like this.  

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