Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dreaming of flowers

Well, it’s that time of year again. Winter arrived in  mid-November and we won’t see spring in our area until the end of the first week in May. That’s the week when the  trees begin to bud.  We’re three months in with nearly three more months to go.  Something must be done!

In mid-February I always turn my thoughts to sitting outside and relaxing in 

the sun or the shade. I think of good food on the grill, and popsicles and straw hats and flowers.  February with its snow, sleet, puddles and slippery surfaces, is the best time to sit inside and plan a garden. 

I can start by looking out my window and envisioning last summer's late morning glories. 

For medical reasons we moved two summers ago to a ranch-style house that had been renovated and a back and front yard that had completely deteriorated. Except for some indestructible hostas scattered around the bad grass, there was nothing but badly overgrown trees choking each other.   
We worked very hard clearing the first year and putting in beds and plants the second summer.  We've hardly made a dent. But we can dream.

Now my hubby and I know we have years of work ahead of us. I But today, I’ve been going through pix of gardens past, trying to decide what to plant and imagining what it might look like in five years. I love old-fashioned flowers and never look for the newest and most trendy.  Have I mentioned I really love sales? I treasure end of season garden supply sales. I can't wait for local church plant sales and I really look forward to the blow-out sale from the local horticultural society. 

My perfect garden will have lilacs and peonies, day lilies and creeping phlox, hydrangeas and tough northern roses. It may take us ten years to get there, but in the meantime, we’ll have lots of fun on a dreary February day dreaming our dreams.


I can almost smell those lilacs. 

What about you? Do you love to garden? Or to plan gardens? Maybe you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that isn’t completely white in February.  Let’s hear about it!
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