Sunday, February 23, 2014

A House, A House, My Kingdom for a House

by Leann

This is an update on the house we are building that seems to be taking forever. The weather has caused many delays--an entire month of rain in the summer and ice and snow in winter. I am growing so weary of this dusty place we live in now, but we are getting closer. We have wood floors and tile. The bathtubs and showers are in.
Lighting and paint and interior doors are almost finished. My husband and his good friend built all the closet shelves and isn't my pantry awesome?

So, what are we missing? Cement work for the patio and driveway!! Grrr! Of course that is weather related, but I still believe there were times when it could have been done and wasn't. But neither of us are pushy people and I've decided general contractors need to be a little pushy. Since we are doing this ourselves, we have had much to learn. One of those lessons? The art of getting things done in the right order.

Last week was great because the cabinets went in. They are beautiful
but--isn't there always a but?--they did not do glass in the upper cabinets as I'd requested. If I had been happy with the look, I might have let it slide and been satisfied but it was just too much wood. My dear husband spoke up, even though I was the one who had been dealing with the cabinetmaker. I am grateful since I have been suffering with a very messed up back and neck and I feared I might have burst into tears if it was a tense conversation. Turns out it wasn't. The cabinetmaker was wonderful and took back all the top cabinets and replaced the doors. Here are the before and after pictures.

My favorite little special part is the corner cabinet they built. When we first met with the house designer, I told him that's what I wanted and he talked me out of it. But when I first met with the cabinetmaker he said, "Are you putting a corner cabinet here?" I smiled so big I nearly broke my face. "Why, yes I am," came my quick reply. And it's a beautiful piece and painted a gorgeous brick red.

There is still plumbing and painting and quartz installation and the shower doors that we cannot seem to get bids on no matter how many times we call the glass companies. Another frustration! But we are getting close ... so very close. And I cannot wait!
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