Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Madness

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

Here in Wisconsin we are really suffering from cabin fever. I spend most of my shut-in time writing, but just can't do that all day and all evening. So I'm trying to stay occupied.

Yesterday, I planned summer vacation routes using my trusty Rand McNally road atlas.

Today, I'm on the subject of coffee. You see, since I moved into my own place last April, coffee hasn't tasted quite as good as it used to. So I'm doing online research.

Is it the way I brew it? I've been a cheap-o drip coffeemaker kind of girl since way back. But should I use a moka stovetop perculator instead. I didn't even know what that was until I found this picture. It looks complicated.

Or should I invest in a French press.

Is it the temperature, cuz I learned that is so important. Avid coffee enthusiasts say the water has to be brought to exactly 195 degrees, so I need an electric kettle for that. Most drips don't heat that high. Who knew?

And what about the beans? Light, dark, espresso. I think I'll do some experimenting, going darker. And what brand is best? Have to research that further.

Did you know you can buy green coffee beans and roast them yourself? I didn't. Until the wind chill whipped down to 45 below. It's driving me mad! I can tell.

Roasters are pricey though. But I could convert my gas grill. Only I'm not very handy. Then I found out I could roast them in a popcorn popper.

In that case, I need a grinder.

Think I'll let my fingers do the shopping:)

But first, I'd like your opinion. What works for you? Have you tried one of those moka things?

It better warm up soon. I need to get out of this place!!

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