Friday, January 24, 2014

We're puzzled!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Cumberbatch hatYears ago, Mr. L and I used to do jigsaw puzzles down at my family's summer cottage.  We got out of the habit, but this past summer, I bought a number of them at yard sales and the game was on (to sort of quote Sherlock Holmes--Cumberbatch style)!

As rather a workaholic, I often delve into writing or networking or other WORK activities, leaving Mr. L, a lover of puzzles (be it Jumble, Crossword, or Suduku) on his own for hours on end.  That is ... until we set up a puzzle.  Oops.  Suddenly, there we'd both be, standing over the table until our backs (and everything else) ached, working on it.

I bought a number of puzzles for us to complete over the winter, but oops!, left them at the cottage. So, we had nothing to do until the holidays.  Last year, I bought a box of Christmas puzzles--ten of them in all. We only did three of them last year, and so in December, I brought out the box and before Christmas Day we'd done five of them.  What fun!  (Except for the Santa and penguin puzzle.  That one was just plain HARD!)

Just before Christmas, I had lunch with my friend Robin and mentioned we were doing a puzzle.  She said her sister did a LOT of puzzles and didn't know what to do with them after she'd completed them and would be glad to pass them on to us if we would pass them on to someone else.  Robin mentioned she had two puzzles she was going to bring over.  That seemed fine.  But--oops!--what she meant was two BOXES of puzzles.  Two VERY BIG BOXES of puzzles.  WOW--sixteen puzzles in all!!!

We did this one, called "Rooftop Garden"
OMG!  Can you say time suck?

Can you also say -- challenging and fun???

So, for the past two weeks, we've been doing puzzles like crazy.  Cats. Seashore. Old barn. Rooftop garden--and there are more cats and birds, and wolves, and castles, and boats and ... just about everything you can think of left for us to put together.

It'll be hard to part with a couple of these puzzles, they're just so pretty. (And where did Robin's sister find them???) I know a couple of them were so much fun we'll probably do them more than once.

They say that keeping your mind sharp by reading and doing puzzles (of any kind) will keep dementia away.  Sounds good to me.

What kind of puzzles to you like to do?
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