Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Way to Go, Denver Broncos!

by Maggie Sefton

(This photo shows Penn State University's football stadium when I joined family to watch grandson Matthew play last year).

Yes, I'm going to blatantly brag about our wonderful football team here in Colorado, the Denver Broncos and their winning the AFC Playoff Championship which earns them the ticket to the Superbowl.  They will play the NFC winner, the Seattle Seahawks  February 2nd at the Superbowl.

I grew up Back East and cheered for the Washington Redskins for most of my life, even while our family lived in Indiana at Purdue.  I was faithful to the Redskins until we moved to Colorado.  I would have stayed a Redskins fan, except my two youngest daughters were growing up in Broncos Country and they started singing the praises of the Denver Broncos and their marvelous quarterback,John Elway.

Well, I became a believer and have been a faithful Broncos fan for over twenty years now------through good times and bad times.   And if you have a favorite sports team that you cheer for, then you know what I mean.  There will be good years and bad years.  And you manage to survive the bad years by remembering the great victories of those previous games.  Like John Elway's fabled "The Drive."  And I still recall how exciting it was to watch Elway lead the Broncos to back-to-back Super Bowl victories years ago.  

Now----Elway is in charge of Football Operations and the Broncos have another quarterback, who is a legend in his own time:  Peyton Manning.   I've been an admirer and fan of Peyton Manning while he played for the Indianapolis Colts even though I was a Broncos fan.  Our family still has strong Indiana connections.  We were at Purdue for 15 years.  Daughter Christine and son-in-law Tim are Purdue grads, and have always been staunch Colts fans and big admirers of Peyton Manning.

It's hard not to admire Peyton Manning's career  accomplishments----championships, Super Bowl appearances, shock of what promised to be a career-ending back injury and his determination to recover and excel on the football field yet again.  Peyton has accomplished all of that while remaining a modest, and unassuming person, with a sense of humor.  A Class Act in my book.

So. . . .on Super Bowl Sunday, I'll definitely be cheering for my favorite Denver Broncos and all those great players and especially for Peyton Manning.  I'd love to see him get that Super Bowl win he so richly deserves.   What about you?   Will you watch the Super Bowl or go to a movie?  Do you have a favorite team?   Baseball, soccer?  
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