Thursday, January 2, 2014

This New Year: I'm saying yes to more

by Mary Jane Maffini

Happy 2014 everyone! 

Last year, I didn’t make diet and exercise resolutions or if I did, there seems to be no record of them! I’m not sure why not, perhaps just too busy.  However, this past year was a great year for me for weight loss and exercise despite that – or maybe because of it. My hubby and I started a walking program and stuck to it and we changed the way we ate.  We didn’t have to feel guilty any time we strayed, because we didn’t have resolutions. We just decided to change things in the middle of the year. (Okay, full disclosure: you have to subtract the entire holiday season from any of our good behavior).

 I’ve decided to make a different kind of resolutions this year: not the kind that bind and bring guilt but ones that say:  let’s put a little more joy and fun into our lives. 

So here are my resolutions:

Read more books and make time to read in the middle of the day!  Yes, you heard me: the MIDDLE of the day.

Learn from small children how to have more fun. 

Cavort with my dogs every day.

Knit more sweaters.

Eat more chocolate.


Note how all these involve more rather than less. 
Somehow I think I’ll keep these resolutions. And I don’t expect any guilty residue. 

What about you? Are you willing to say good-bye to your inner tyrant?  Have you made any fun resolutions?  Will you do more of anything?

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