Sunday, January 12, 2014

The House is Becoming a Home!

by Leann

The long journey to build a house in a new state after more than 35 years in Texas is getting to what I consider the "good part." Not that I haven't learned the importance of crawl spaces, venting, insulation and soffits. But let's be real--it's not very exciting.

I now have bought appliances (fun and yes these are two of my choices!)

and I have made the difficult tile decisions. Honestly, that was probably the hardest choice I've had to make. I remember from our last house that I had a really difficult time choosing tile. 

The cabinet maker is busy, the first coat of paint is on the wall and the outdoor "boxing" is happening in starts and stops. The weather, as all of you know, hasn't exactly cooperated. Boxing was something I didn't know about--at least I didn't know the term. It's all that outdoor trim work where the roof ends and the brick begins. No one worked during the "polar vortex" and I don't blame them. Now we have the monsoons, but it should clear up by next week and that "boxing" should be finished.

But the most exciting development is the wood floor. That's the part that
really helps me finally visualize MY HOME. Soon, I will no longer be living in a glorified storage facility and it's getting hard to be patient. Writing about it all makes me happy. This has been quite the journey!
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