Thursday, January 23, 2014

The closet shopping challenge

A little challenge from  Mary Jane Maffini

We’re well into January and for those of you in Canada and the northern part of the USA, we have to watch out for the creeping winter blues. They’re as much a danger as storms, black ice, frostbite and all the other surprises that winter has for us.  

This week I remembered an idea from a friend: it’s easy, takes no time and costs nothing. Every day try to find a forgotten item in your closet or cupboard and wear it. 

I may have rolled my eyes at the time (not in front of her, of course). How could something so simple make any kind of difference? And yet …

Charlotte Adams "taught" me that we wear 20 percent of the clothing in our closet. Twenty!!!  And we probably wear only twenty percent of our accessories and jewelry.

So how much effort could it be to dip into the furthest reaches of your closet/dresser/jewelry box and find one item every day that you like but have not worn for some reason?
I decided to give this a try.  So far, it’s been fun.  

If you know me, you know I like a bargain.  Sometimes that means you buy that bargain and never wear it (so it’s not such a bargain). But yesterday in my own shoe rack, I found these red loafers, bought at a deep discount, comfortable as slippers, but rarely on my feet. Now I feel like I have a new pair. 


This little pin has brightened my Monday. It was five dollars many years ago and was lingering, forgotten. I had have fun with it and the price is right. I don’t intend to let it get ‘lost’ again.

The ten dollar scarf is a bargain souvenir of a trip to Florida some time back. It had slipped to the far end of the closet and was never seen again. The lovely soft color reminds me of Florida, but it sure perked up my winter coat.

 So: three items so far this week and $0.00 spent.        

I’m looking forward to the “archaeological” digs for the rest of the month.  And yes, I remember that I am the one who was celebrating the 18-year-old sweater just last week.                     
Anyone want to accept a challenge for closet shopping? Let me know if you find something fun in your own closet, cupboard or dresser.  Or anywhere else!

I’ll draw from the comments for a copy of Organize Your Corpses, the first Charlotte Adams book.  If you’ve already read it, we can find another to substitute.  I'll shop on my bookshelf!

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