Sunday, January 19, 2014

Plotting Away

by Leann

Book number 6 in the Cats in Trouble series is now in copy edits. There has been some strange delay in getting it up for pre-order, but I have bugged the powers that be enough to be certified an "annoying author." It will turn up one of these days. Despite that, I plan to share the cover art this coming Tuesday, though I do not like to do that without the ability of readers to pre-order. But it is so awesome, I cannot wait.

As one book is finished it is time to start another. That means cat antics
and insight into Jillian's past that has yet to come to light. Plotting a book is always fun. I dream about it, ideas invade my mind quite unexpectedly during the day, so the process begins before I have ever sat down to write a
synopsis. The unconscious is a powerful thing.

I have a few questions for all of you. Who would you like to see more of in this book? Who should go away and never come back? Okay, let me qualify that. Lydia won't go away. But is there some other character you'd just like to see less of or never see at all?

Book 6 is titled The Cat, The Vagabond and The Victim. Look for it because it surely has to appear soon. But the cover? Well, the big reveal is Tuesday! Watch for it!
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