Saturday, January 4, 2014


by Mary Kennedy

      As the newest Cozy Chick, I'd like to offer you a quick look at what my fellow Chicks are planning for the coming year. There's fun, excitement, an intense desire to escape the cold (!) and of course, plenty of writing. Because, after all, where would we be if the Chicks didn't keep their fingers on the keys?

Ellery Adams/J.B Stanley says, "I'm looking forward to launching a new series in my home state of Virginia in August (The Book Retreat Mysteries) and to going on a cruise with my mom, my brothers, and all of the spouses and kids!"

Deb Baker/Hannah Reed is looking forward to a new series this year set in the Scottish Highlands and to spending a lengthy vacation in a warm climate for the very first time.

Lorraine Bartlett/Lorna Barrett says, "I'm looking forward to spring and summer. Winter has hardly begun, but we've already had more snow than we've had in several winters. Hurry, spring, hurry!"

Kate Collins is "looking forward to wrapping up book #16 in the Flower Shop Mystery series, A ROOT AWAKENING by February 1st and then plotting the next three. But what I'm REALLY looking forward to is summer and working in my garden! What a brutal winter this has been so far. Oh, and there might be a nice trip to Key West in my future, if all goes well".

Mary Jane Mafinni/Victoria Abbott says, "I'm going to try to have more fun this year (reading, knitting, spending time with kids and friends) and at the same time planning to find time to finish my 7th Camilla MacPhee book in between book collector mysteries. Camilla is fun, so that might happen!

Maggie Sefton is looking forward to 2014 and starting Kelly Flynn #13 while relaxing in a warm climate. She'll be announcing a new e-book mystery in January.

Leann Sweeny is "looking forward to moving into our brand new house on Lake Greenwood in 2014. This has been a very stressful journey with my husband doing the contracting and neither of us knowing what the heck we are doing. I guess you are never too old to learn new things--and some of it the hard way. It will be like Christmas all over again when I open boxes that have been in storage for almost two years!" 
Tune in next week, friends, and I'll tell you a little about my plans for the coming year! And I'd love to hear about yours, what exciting things are you planning for 2014? Mary Kennedy

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