Monday, January 13, 2014


by Kate Collins

Writers, artists, musicians, and anyone in the creative arts, depend on getting the word out about our work through social media. At first it was MySpace, and then suddenly Facebook burst onto the scene like gangbusters.

Then Twitter appeared, followed by Google Plus, followed by Instagram, followed by ….the next big thing.

The question becomes, where do we promote? As a writer, I need to spend hours on my current work-in-progress, but for the past six or seven years, I’ve had to carve out more and more time for Internet work.  So where do I focus my attention?

I keep hearing more and more complaints about Facebook, so I know it’s a matter of time until people find something they like better and shift over. And that will mean that we authors/artists/musicians will need to shift, too. But there are so many social media sites coming out now that it’s impossible to predict which one will be the new Facebook.

Are you still on Facebook or have you found a better place to socialize? Is Instagram becoming more than just a place to share photos? And what about Google Plus? Do you use it?

I wish there was a social media guru, or one place where everyone could go and not have the rules change constantly. Don’t you?
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